Friday, January 5, 2007

The VooDoo Muppet

Thank you to everyone who left comments yesterday. They were the first comments I received and I was feeling very warm and fuzzy after I read them. I didn't respond to them directly because I am on the learning curve and couldn't figure our exactly how to do it. Give me some time.
I anticipated last night would be an uneventful evening and I intended to do a few house chores and play with my daughter (who I will refer to as Manther from this point forward). Things were going smoothly and I was sorting some laundry while Manther studied my movements. She spied a dirty ELMO t-shirt and started a temper tantrum. I tried to reason with her (I know I'm a fool) and point out that she was ALREADY wearing an ELMO sweatshirt and Mommy really needed to wash the filthy Elmos so she can continue her quest for '100 days of sporting ELMO' at daycare. My pleas/threats/discussions fell on deaf ears and the dramatic weeping continued. Manther finished the evening wearing an ELMO t-shirt over the top of her ELMO sweatshirt.
I was feeling a bit less than serene after getting the laundry to the washer and, while Manther and I were having some col0ring time at the kitchen table, I decided to mold a little ELMO from playdough (I know this looks more like 'Mr. Bill' than ELMO). Then, I gave ELMO a very satisfying slam onto the kitchen table. A few seconds of tense silence followed as I realized I had just crushed my daughter's incarnation of safety and security right before her very eyes. I braced myself for the tears that would certainly have to follow such a thoughtless action. Instead, she giggled with perverse delight and asked me to do it again (MO ELMO!). I believe I have finally found a game we will both enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

I remember those days. My daughter would only wear her favorite clothes…all at once. Jean skirt, very sparkly shirt with a cat face, purple sweater with gems on it & tights with huge holes in them. None of it matched. Looked like crap. The daycare worker would comment on how she was “very much her own person”. She is in nursing school & is very gets better.