Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sugar and Spice??

Thank you so much for the comment about Elmo and potty training. I have an Amazon gift card and I am going to look for the Elmo DVD (and maybe book) online. Thank you also for visiting my site. It's cozy to meet another mom from A2 and I look forward to visiting your site.

The end of the weekend approaches and I have reached my time limit for household chores, although they are nowhere near done. I did manage the grocery shopping this morning. As I was looking for cheese in the rubble that was left of the cheese display after the suburbanites attacked, I noticed the woman who was stocking (and patiently waiting for me to move) looking at Manther sweetly. "I have three boys. I always wanted a little girl," she commented. I looked at Manther. Her terminal bedhead had been hosed down with leave-in conditioner, but the misplaced kinks and waves were still very visible and the bangs crooked from a penny-pinching, homemade haircut. Her eyes and nose were gunky and she displayed a green marker streak across her face and an orange one across her shirt. As always, she is dressed in the bold, primary colors of Sesame Street. The only pink visible is on the stripes of her scuffed, muddy sneakers. Manther is only 21 months and it is impossible to know what the future holds, but she does appear to be a bit of a tomboy. I had no idea how to respond. "Umm, me too," I stumbled, "maybe next time I'll get one."

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