Friday, January 19, 2007

A Hole in the Ceiling

This post is to set things straight with my coworker, L. Occasionally, I come into work and complain about my husband. He is a good husband and father, but he falls behind in the house repairs. Last week I posted a picture of Manther's potty. There is a pretty clear view of the bathroom floor surrounding the potty and it looks great. My husband does floors and we have beautiful ceramic, wood, and vinyl/limestone composition tile in our home. My coworker, L, saw the picture (bless her heart for reading this crappy blog) and immediately labeled me as a husband nag. I felt I had to defend myself so I have supplied two fine examples of negligence with the repairs in our home.
1) The top picture is our kitchen ceiling. It has looked damaged since we moved into the house (2 years ago) and a month ago it broke through completely and dumped water on the floor. It now leaks whenever we get enough rain. I am pretty sure it will fall in on us after a few more days of heavy rain.
2) The bottom picture is our tub and there is a huge gouge in the ceramic along the edge. This has been there since we moved in, also.
In his defense, my husband does work a lot of weekends, the house was obviously a 'fixer-upper', and we are far too broke to contract this work out. So, is the word 'negligent' too strong? I don't think so. My husband manages to find time for every major sporting event. I think it's an issue of priority more than time. I hope my husband reprioritizes before the entire ceiling in on the kitchen floor.



Gwen said...

I totally understand ~

Joseph said...

Hi Nael
do you like the
limestone composition tile ?

It's a eco friendly green floor right?

is it DIY friendly ?