Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is liquid soap really neater?

When I was a very young child, liquid soap was a thing used in public restrooms. The soap used in your bathroom at home was a solid chunk of stuff that you lathered under water. The soap did leave a goopy mess on the edge of the sink and I guess this is why liquid soap in cute, little pump bottles was so popular when it appeared on grocery store shelves. I believe 'Softsoap' was the first brand on the market and it was available in all sorts of cool colors and scents. I like the smells and colors and the opportunity to accessorize my bathroom, so I have a pale green, cucumber-melon bottle of liquid soap in my bathroom. Recently, Manther has become tall enough to reach onto tables and countertops and I noticed she also fancies the liquid soap. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, she drags the bottle into a discreet corner of the house and starts pumping. I have found puddles of liquid soap on the carpet, on the wood floor, on my end tables, and in the bottom of the laundry basket (she thinks I can't see her when she's sitting in the laundry basket). If I smell cucumber-melon on her and she's been out of sight for a few minutes, I know it's time to start looking for the sticky puddle. Even though I'm going to miss the fresh color and fruity scent, I think it's time to replace the nifty pump bottle with a boring bar of Dial.

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