Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I watch very little television as a working mother, but last night I watched part of the television show '24'. I saw the leader of the Islamic-American Alliance being unjustly accused of obstructing official business and placed into a detention center. Apparently, these detention centers were put in place to restrain Arab Americans during bomb threats from Islamic militant groups, something that is an act of racism on the part of the government and a huge violation of civil rights. As I drove into work this morning, I was listening to the radio (101.1 WRIF) and they were discussing that the episode of '24', the Arab American racism portrayed there, and how it reflects the racism in our country today.

This brought up a point that I think is very interesting. I believe (as did the radio show hosts and I hope most other people) that the radical Islamic groups that are committing acts of terror represent a tiny minority of the nation of Islam. However, the nation of Islam does appear to be divided on whether or not they should speak out against these groups. There are definitely Muslims who are frustrated that the radical terrorist groups use Islam as their motivation and justification for these behaviors and have stood up and openly stated this is not representative of the teachings in the Quran. The other groups seems to be perhaps more traditional in their beliefs (I am a bit uncertain as to what traditional is in this religion, but the aren't the modern Muslims so I will call them traditional). Apparently, they feel strong alliances to the Muslim world and are hesitant to speak out against terrorist groups that have their roots in the Muslim world. If I relocated to a foreign country, I am sure I would be homesick and the culture and beliefs of my homeland would become very precious to me. I can understand why it might be difficult for me to speak out against others who were part of my homeland. However, if I feel that I am under attack because my countrymen have committed hideous, violent actions and I am being grouped with them, I am certainly going to stand up to defend myself and my family. I am a bit confused by the innocent Muslim contingent that is hesitating to speak up for themselves.

If I have any readers, I am sure they will jump all over me for my ignorance of Islam and current events. I certainly didn't intend to offend. I was just pondering a question. You're still welcome to jump on me.

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