Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice is beautiful

Happy Monday everyone! I hope all the bloggers survived the wintry weather this weekend. I know it was bitter cold out West, but here in Michigan the theme for the weekend was ice. We've had two days of ice storms and I think a third is coming. It is certainly dangerous as the cars slide into ditches and the power lines and tree limbs fall into the roadways, but it is so beautiful. The trees look surreal with every inch covered in sparkle and shine. I know the people in warmer climates wonder how we survive winter after winter and I admit that winter can be a drag. If they could look out my office window right now and see the brilliant, frozen trees on the Ann Arbor skyline, they might have to admit they were missing something.

I guess the beauty is affecting me because I feel very grateful today. I only got two, but here's the list.

1)My technorati link wasn't working properly and I emailed them and, guess what? They fixed it! I was not expecting this at all. It is a free service and I assumed I would never get a reply to my email and, hopefully, the bug might work itself out during some standard maintenance and updates. I was SO wrong. I got a personally written email (it included the tech's name) approximately 48hrs after I sent the complaint saying they had addressed the problem and they hoped it was fixed. Yes it is and THANK YOU. I wish my mechanic were as prompt, polite, and inexpensive.

2) Manther used the potty. I know this is trivial and you are rolling your eyes, but I was truly convinced I seriously delayed the training process. Last night we were in the bathroom trying to organize a bath and I turned around and she was sitting on the potty. There were only two drops and I think it was an accident, but I still celebrated like I had won the lottery.

That's it. If I can figure out enough html to put a cool picture by my blog title, I will really feel like God is smiling on me.

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