Monday, January 22, 2007


Manther has always been an avid eater. She starting nursing with no coaching when she was about 20 minutes old and she nursed for hours and hours each day. She was constantly hungry until she was ~ 10 months old and was given solid, chewable food. She is 21 months old next Saturday and I never have to coax her to eat. Sometimes I have to convince her to eat the right things, but she generally approaches food unprejudiced and enthusiastically. She has a 'Little Tykes' kitchen and enjoys pretending with food when she's not using the real stuff. I know all this about her, but her behaviors this weekend made me realize that I had probably underestimated her passion for food. Saturday morning she stumbled out of bed and wandered into the kitchen. I assumed she was looking for me and turned to greet her. She looked at the refrigerator and exclaimed, "HUG!", as she stretched her arms the width of the refrigerator and tightly embraced the door. Perhaps we can skip the four year BA/BS and send her straight to culinary school?

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