Friday, January 12, 2007

Potty Terrors

This is my Manther's training potty and she is terrified of it. Manther is not a particularly brave child and is always apprehensive and frequently fearful in new situations. Apparently, I underestimated how much time it would require for her to warm up to the potty. I brought it in and let her look at it for a day, and then the next morning I slid her pants down and put her on it. She screamed and jumped off of it like I had just dipped her bare behind in hot water. That one bad parenting decision probably pushed the ETA for potty training back about 6 months. The potty has been sitting in the bathroom for about three weeks and she's started playing with it. She opens and closes it and puts things in it (something I'm discouraging) and sometimes even sits on it with her clothes on. I cheer when she sits on it and she looks confused. My next plan of attack is to decorate the thing with Elmos and buy a 'Elmo goes to the potty' book. I hope I can find one.



Amy W Cook said...

Hi there. I'm not sure if there's an Elmo Goes Potty book, but there IS a DVD! My two-year old loves it. :-)

(BTW, I found your blog via my sister-in-laws blog Sobriety Is Exhausting. I live in A2, too.)

Omara said...

Look on ebay... it's got everything. I just bought a 'Bob the Builder' pair of slippers for my son.