Friday, December 22, 2006

The Muppet who Destroyed my Day

I am sure anyone who has been reading these posts (I guess that's no one) knows what happened. I saw another beautifully choreographed temper tantrum this morning by my 20 month old because her 2 ELMO shirts were dirty and she couldn't be seen in anything less than an ELMO shirt at daycare. The truly weird thing about the ELMO fixation is that it is motivated by her need for security. When she is having an off day, plastering an ELMO across her chest makes her feel like everything is going to be alright. Maybe I should try it. I had no ELMO shirts that were acceptable. One was soaking wet and the other was covered with food and snot. I resorted to tearing open one of her Christmas gifts (it just so happened to contain an ELMO shirt) and jerking it onto her as quickly as possible to end the noise and chaos. I don't know who designed ELMO, but it is incredible. I would never have guessed you could so completely infect the psyche of a toddler with that red doll. Kudos to you muppet guy!


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