Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Inflatables

I learned a new technique today and I am showing it off by including these pictures in my post. These pictures are compliments of my brother- in- law and I find them hysterical. This is a yard in a residential neighborhood and displayed in the yard are the homeowner's interpretation of Christmas decorations. I was never a big fan of these blow-up things. I find them tacky and a bit over the top. This guy has completely redefined 'over the top'. I know it is hard to accurately decipher from this picture, but I believe there are upwards of 30 of these gigantic things in this yard. Let's do some math with this. If he paid $70 a piece, that's $2000 to make your yard look like a freaky cemetary for cartoon characters! Kudos to you blow-up dude for going all the way and not wimping out no matter how much the neighbors complained!



Suldog said...

This post is now featured at Bah! Humbug!, in A Carnival Of Hijacked Holidays. Thanks for your submission!

Jennie W said...

Great post! I have to agree that lawn ornaments are very creepy!

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