Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The velcro tabs go where?

As I mentioned in Monday's post, my husband and I went out to eat with the in-laws this weekend. We don't have a regular babysitter because we have been fortunate (and maybe unfortunate) to live close to relatives. However, we were taking the relatives out to eat, so none of them were available to babysit. I have nephews who are 12 and 15 years old. They are responsible boys and seemed like a good choice since Manther adores them. My husband and their father discussed the possibility of the boys babysitting, but both were a bit concerned about whether or not the boys could change a diaper. I grew up babysitting and so did my sisters. We were very familiar with diapers at an early age and I really felt the diaper changing dilemma was overrated. Apparently, their mother was also concerned because she started instructing them on the finer points of diapering a toddler. Once the word 'vagina' came out of her mouth, both boys blushed and the younger said, "I don't want to talk about this anymore." This ended the diapering discussion and we resorted to a quick demonstration on Elmo before our departure on Sunday. Well, sure enough, Manther filled her pants 20 minutes after we walked out the door. We checked in with the boys and they seemed to have everything under control. They even asked if they could take Manther to the park (such nice boys). We returned home and everything looked pretty good. There were a lot of cookie crumbs on the floor and Manther's pants were fitting funny, but the house was standing, no one was injured, and Manther seemed perfectly happy. After everyone filed out, I swept the crumbs up and checked Manther's diaper. In our elaborate discussions about diapering, no one had mentioned to the boys which was the front and which was the back of the diaper. They guessed wrong and Manther was wearing a diaper that was very short in back and had a lot extra in front and it was really funny. I haven't teased them about it yet. The trauma of a stinky diaper and the word 'vagina' falling off their mother's lips is still too fresh. But, I'll be sure to bring it up as soon as one of them brings a girlfriend home.


A.J.Reams said...

Very cute story. It reminds me of a story my mom tells. My dad and grandpa were supposed to be watching me when I was a baby. They were so involved with their chili that they forgot to check my diaper. Apparently I had pooped and I sat in it for hours. My mom says that I was a total mess. Men!

Oh by the way, I found you on the mom blogs.

Trudging said...

Ah yes, men and babies!

Gwen said...

LOL~ Sounds like something my 10 year old would say. How cute!