Friday, April 27, 2007

I am an unfashionable hypocrite

Evidence for my hypocrisy was provided in the previous post. The unfashionable thing is a separate problem and should have been obvious to me much earlier in life. I am a nerd to the core and I have always known this. I have a sixth sense for picking the thing that is uncool and not trendy. SO, if I am poking fun at a new fashion trend, everyone should go out and get one because it is guaranteed to be a big hit. Last week, I made fun of a hairstyle and, inspired by my coworkers interpretation of what she saw at the mall, I called it 'skunk hair'. Well, L (the coworker) did a little research this week and guess what she found? It's SUPPOSED to look like a skunk . (read paragraph 3 in this link). I am really clueless when it comes to the cutting edge of anything. Case in point, I started blogging in December of this year and had really never heard of it before. As I quickly learned, blogging had been around for quite a while and I am definitely entering the crowd somewhere near the end. Oh well, if my misfit nerdiness has saves me from doing freaky things to me head, I guess I'm okay with it.


Miss Independent said...

I would say that I am right there with

Trudging said...

Yep, me too

Roz said...

Hey, I'm a great believer in having your own style - whatever that is!

I've checked some blogs out and found out they started blogging like 4 years ago - I hadn't a clue what blogging was until recently either.

...everytime I visit your blog you've done something new to it, you are streets ahead with this blogging tech!

TFYC (thanks for your comments) - I've made this one up myself and I guess I'll be using it a lot on your blog as I always saying Thanks for your comments!

lushgurl said...

Hey it's good to march to your own drum! I'm kinda weird too! But in a good way, not the kinda creepy, shivers up your spine kinda way...Welcome to MY world LOL
love and HUGS