Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Manther!

Yesterday was Manther's second birthday. The celebration is on Sunday, but I had my own little celebration with her at home. I bought her a fake cell phone and the candy she picked out at the dollar store. Then, I put all my chores on the back burner and went outside and played with her all night. We had a fantastic time.

This is a picture of Manther watering our new tree in the back yard. She is watering it with a squirt bottle.This is a picture of Manther walking Cookie Monster and Elmo in the wagon. We saw two fire engines on this walk. One had sirens on.
This is a picture of Manther helping Cookie Monster touch the street lamp at the end of the street. Manther enjoys the texture and feel of objects and she likes to share this with her friends. Happy Birthday Big Girl!



Doc's Girl said...

Happy Birthday! :o)

Trudging said...

How nice of Manther to give those two a ride! I would not trust that Elmo however.

lushgurl said...

Happy second Birthday Manther! What a great way to celebrate her life!
love and HUGS, Nael!

Roz said...

Happy belated birthday Manther...

I'm an April babe myself and love the month, I think of spring and the weather getting warmer and beautiful yellow colours (mainly the daffodils over here), all to do with HAPPY :-)