Friday, April 20, 2007

A little game

Who can guess what these two unexpectedly similar objects are (don't look below and cheat)? If you guessed 1) the coat of a brown spotted skunk 2) a woman's hairstyle then you were right!
Everyone please forgive me here, but I am going to pick on the suburban wives with whom I coexist. I feel a bit guilty, but they're mean and that alleviates the guilt. Yes, the trend in the obnoxious, new money suburb that we moved to is to dye your hair funky red brown with chunks of blonde. This artificial look is best accompanied with overdone nails and overpriced shoes. Now, before anyone judges me too quickly, let me say that I do think funky hair is quite appropriate and attractive and when it is on a fun, funky person (see below). I know she is a cheerleader, but still likable.
However, when this look is on an IKEA-shopping, man-emasculating, must-flaunt-my-money housewife, it really loses it's funky fun appeal. It is about as appealing as the picture below.
Okay, I'm done with the rotten name calling. I would call my sponsor and make amends, but I don't feel bad about this yet. Maybe someday.


Roz said...

...cute skunk though!

Replying your comment on blog - yep I am definitely enjoying the time spent with the kids, especially as I free my mind of anxiety.

brooke said...

Ok. That's hilarious. The moms in my suburb wear their hair either poofy or in a pony tail. dont' forget the ray-ban sunglasses (or any sporty looking ones) and for GODS SAKE! Don't wear make up!!

Trudging said...

Yes, very cute skunk

TherapyDoc said...

feeling bad on this one is a waste of time, no?