Monday, April 2, 2007

How many is too many

We saw the in-laws this weekend and the topic of a sibling for Manther came up. My husband and I would like to have another child. Manther is too spoiled and it would be beneficial for her to share the attention and presents. Also, I have found as an adult that being able to share the responsibility of caring for aging parents with your siblings makes the job easier. Despite our desire, no baby has been conceived. We are old folks and working within a limited time frame. I know the obvious answer for this is some sort of fertility stuff. I can't do it. I am terrified we would have a multiples birth and I would have to shoot myself. This is not an exaggeration. There is no way we could afford daycare and I can't quit work and I barely slept during Manther's infancy. The thought of two infant Manthers sends a shudder up my spine. I needed three breasts to keep Manther fed. What in the world would I do with only one boob per baby? Or, what if there were three babies? (perish the thought) I know there is always a chance I could get pregnant with twins without fertility drugs, but I firmly believe that God knows I am not a strong person and could not handle this. Although Manther might enjoy a brother or sister, I am sure she also wants a mother who is less than crazy and she might not be able to have both.

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Omara said...

Hiya! I've got the one too (he's 33 months) and there is the dilemna of whether or not to have more children. I pray you make the right decision for you, Manther and the whole family.