Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am a hypocrite

After all that bitching about yuppies spending money on their kids, guess what Manther is getting for her birthday. She has fallen in love with motorcycles and her daddy just can't say 'no'. This little thing is motorized (really unnecessary since she has boundless energy) and cost as much as cable and internet access for 1 month. Or one week of groceries. Or 1 month's cell phone bill. Or two weeks of gas. You get the picture. Ai-yai-yai. I was going to take a firm stand against it's purchase, but some of the moms I work with suggested I let hubby spoil Manther a bit. I just have to make certain this does not become a regular occurrence. That won't be too difficult. If it becomes a regular occurrence, we won't have a house or garage to store her beautiful gifts in.


Roz said...'s hard sometimes! Bet cha, that you will have a warm fuzzie feeling, when you see Manther's reaction to seeing her fab toy.

(been watching the 'Apprentice' over here and there is this public school chap who comes up with such statements - you just have to laugh)

girl said...

I try not to be spoiler but their birthdays are different things. It's ONE time a year. Not to mention it's not a big gift just to get a big gift, it's something she really wants or would want. Did that make sense?

mrsmogul said...

I want one! Yeah my husband says no more toys but lately I've been wanting to buy him big toys.

lushgurl said...

I'd love one of those things too! And it's even in my favourite colours!!!
Spoil (me) away LOL