Monday, April 9, 2007

A mother's movie review

This weekend my husband and I rented a movie and watched it, "The Departed". I know this movie is very old and everyone except for hubby and I have already seen it. I am the working mother of a toddler and I can't be expected to stay current with movies. If you want current, go to Siskel and Ebert's website. Wait, is one of them dead now? I guess I can't stay current with pop culture, either.

The movie opens with Costello (Jack Nicholson) extorting money from local business men as the head of the Irish mafia. In this scene, he meets and takes young Colin Sullivan ( Matt Damon) under his wing. Colin starts working for Costello and eventually joins the police academy and becomes a mole on the police force for Costello (Matt Damon in uniform, yummy). Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) comes from a family of ill-repute and also joins the police force (not as hot a Matt Damon, but still sort of easy on the eyes). Despite his family connections, he's an honest guy.

At this point, I leave the movie to lay in the bed with Manther because she refuses to fall asleep on the couch watching movies. I miss 40 minutes of the movie (hubby doesn't want to pause or we will be up all night) and watch 40 minutes of 'House'. Although this show is entertaining, I probably won't be able to watch it again because the main character is a jerk and he makes me angry.

I return to movie and hubby fills me in. Colin moves up the chain of command in the police force and becomes a part of a special forces unit on organized crime with the state police. Billy does the same, but goes undercover as part of Costello's crew so Colin and Billy don't really know each other. It becomes apparent there is a security leak in both groups (the cops and the mobsters) and steps are taken within each group to uncover the mole or rat. Then, there's about 30 minutes of cat and mouse stuff between the undercover cop in the mob and the undercover mobster in the police force that is okay, but does get a little slow. In the end everyone, and I mean everyone, gets shot in the head and there is a strangely perfect and symmetrical blood splatter pattern with each head shot. Maybe that is what real life blood spatter looks like. I don't know.

I give this move a 'B'. It was pretty good. It dragged a bit in the middle and there was a little too much death at the end, but overall it was entertaining.
Finally, why is this a mother's movie review? Because it got interrupted, of course!

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Trudging said...

I have not seen it yet either but of course, my young sponsee have. Oh to be middle aged(: