Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am so irritable I can barely stand to be around me. I logged onto my blog and I was irritated by the stupid dots layout, It reminds me of cheerleaders and dotting your 'i' with a heart and ponytails. Why the hell did I pick that? That's not me at all. I was going to change it, but it was too much work and the only thing I will be happy with is making my own and that's WAY too much work. So, I will bitch like crazy in my post and that will probably make me feel better than changing my template.

I love my husband, but I may have to kill him. He has a crappy job that he bitches about constantly. I have listened to and commiserated with him on what a rotten, drunken, self serving, low life bastard his boss is. It is not lip service. I truly feel this way about his boss. WELL, I guess the point that I missed is that my husband actually ENJOYS this abusive relationship in some perverse way. He had an interview a few months ago for a better job. He was apprehensive, but he went and told me he was glad he went. He didn't get a call back, but that's okay. What matters is that you are open to change and living in the solution. I guess the guy that was hired didn't work out because the job is posted again. I told husband and suggested he call and inquire about the opening and his chances. He told me he 'likes his job and isn't going to quit.'

What the hell???!!!!! He has worked 45 days straight between his crappy job and his side jobs to make $10,000/year less than the new job would offer. Last week he worked 7 days for this ass who vacationed in Arizona. He showed the ass the weekend sales (which he gets no commission for) when he returned on Monday and the ass brushed him off and said, 'Can I eat my breakfast, PLEASE?'


I don't want to control my husband. I don't want to 'fix' everyone's lives. I just want to live in a house where the kitchen ceiling doesn't have a gaping hole and I want to drive a car that has less than 150K on it.

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