Monday, February 26, 2007

Crash and almost burned

I had an uneventful weekend with a really ugly ending. I did some housecleaning and saw some old friends in recovery. I took Manther out to play a few times and was feeling very relaxed by Sunday night. My husband agreed to take Manther to an open talk with him so I could have some time alone. I was going to use this time to unplug and replug my CD and DVD drive on my home computer. I was hoping the drivers would reload properly following the replug and I would be able to reformat (I haven't been able to load software with my CD drive). I got interrupted part way through as my husband and Manther returned early and, when I returned to the task a few hours later, I tried to plug in the CD drive with the computer running. Sparks flew everywhere and our little shack of a house nearly went up in flames. After I was certain that the flames and sparks had subsided, I crawled into the bedroom. I nudged my husband part way awake and told him the computer was definitely cooked. He was uninterested and went back to sleep. When I told him what the price of a new computer was today, he got a lot more interested. To his credit, he is far more patient and even tempered than I am and he was very forgiving. I hope I am able to forgive myself as we tighten the belt one more notch.

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