Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another first for Manther

This post should not be read by those who are seriously grossed out by body fluids (I know this does not apply to most parents who had to overcome being grossed out early on in their child's life). Manther is trying to recover from a hearty cold virus she picked up at daycare. Today we were driving into daycare/work and she was doing some productive coughing. She hocked up a big lugee and started to cry. Naturally, she was uncomfortable with the slimy thing in her mouth and wanted it out. It was difficult to do while driving, but I dug out a baby wipe and held it over the seat and in front of her in the carseat. She couldn't figure out what to do and she was looking confused and fishing around in her mouth with both of her hands. After a few minutes, the crying subsided and, although the lugee had not been removed, I resumed driving with both hands. It was unusually quiet for the next 10 minutes so I adjusted the rear view mirror and checked out what was going on behind me. Manther was exploring the lugee by moving it around her mouth with her tongue and chewing on it every once in a while. I am her mother and thought I could not be grossed out after all the body fluids I have seen here expel, but this turned my stomach a bit. We arrived at daycare and I crawled into the back seat to try and remove the nastiness from Manther's mouth, but I guess I was too late because I couldn't find it. I hope the next time this happens we are at home so we can practice the proper technique for spitting those things out.


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Rex said...

That was seriously gross! Isn't fun watching kids learn and grow?