Monday, February 12, 2007


I have just had one of the stupidest mornings ever. Typically, my sister-in-law babysits Manther on Mon and Tues. She commutes from Chicago to Detroit to babysit, a very generous but also insane act on her part. She loves Manther dearly and claims she wants to do this. She has been sick the last two weeks and could not handle the commute, so I have asked my parents to fill in. My mother said 'yes', however, my raging alcoholic father decided not to come. If we were a normal family, a decision like this would be acceptable. However, my mother is totally unnerved wondering if he will kill himself or get arrested while she is babysitting. I assured her she could stay home if that were easier. She insisted she would come. I left for work this morning with a light dusting of snow on the ground. As I drove in, it became a lot heavier. I called my parents house to see if my mother had left yet and she had not. My mother has a serious problem arriving places on time and I knew the snow wouldn't help. I looked at the clock and realized she could definitely not get to my house in enough time for my husband to get to work. So, I told her the roads were bad and she should stay home. She refused. I left work and returned home. My husband jumped in the car to race to work and my mom pulled in the driveway 15 minutes later. I then returned to work (why I don't know, it's lunchtime by now) to try and squeeze something productive out of this day. This is all very stupid, but it gets stupider. The snow is still falling and I initially requested a babysitter for Mon and Tues. My mom could just spend the night at my house and avoid the snowy roads drama, however, she has parceled out enough alcohol to keep my Dad drunk for one day. If she does not return home, he will venture out (on foot because we can't leave him with a car)and buy vast amounts of alcohol. He will, of course, drink everything he buys and probably end up in a snowbank or jail. I love them, but it's really hard to do anything normal with then. I am going to finish the most necessary things at work and refuse to let my Mom babysit tomorrow. I need a break from the insanity.

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