Thursday, February 22, 2007

A little better

Thanks everyone for tolerating my ranting this week. I am feeling a little better today after going to a meeting last night. I am still frustrated, but I did get some peace from one of the ladies at the meeting. She asked, "If you have to choose between your husband's sobriety and increasing the family's income, which would you choose?" He has told me he is not ready to make a change and, although that is selfish, it is perfectly acceptable for someone to be selfish when it comes to their sobriety. I am still feeling a little neglected by my higher power. I am reminding myself that the bills are paid and that translates into my higher power taking care of me. The house repairs and car replacements will come eventually. I hope Manther can put herself through college. Meanwhile, I am working on letting go and letting God.

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Roz said...

...glad you are feeling a little better.

Thanks for your comments about my hubby and the cakes.