Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nael finally has a meeting

Yes, it's true. I went to my Wednesday night meeting and I was sort of comfortable for the first time in suburban AA. I knew almost everyone at the table and it was suggested I lead. Last time this was suggested, I led with the format that is typically used at that meeting, i.e. lots of table leader feedback, and it felt awkward and uncomfortable. This time I decided to just do it the way I was comfortable. We shared around the table and I shared last and I think everyone, including me, thought it was a good table. Whew! I might be able to get some recovery in the suburbs yet.
The downer is that a very active, long-time member of AA in our community has lost his job. It was quite a good job and he is taking it hard. Jobs are so scarce in this state and I would be surprised if he is able to find employment without relocating. If he leaves the state, he leaves behind a daughter who lives with his ex-wife. I am sure he will still get visits with her, but they will probably go from once a week to once every 6 months. Everyone please send M your prayers so he can make it through this and still remain an active part of his daughter's life.


Toni said...

Glad it went well- I just started reading your blog, but wish you well in your journey!

vicariousrising said...

I'm glad leading the meeting in a way that made you comfortable turned out well for everyone.

I still get the giggles when I see that Elmo & Cookie Monster photo. I'll be sad when it falls off your main page.

Doc's Girl said...

I always get pressured into leading...and I always get nervous no matter how many times I've done it. :) Your friend will definitely be in my prayers...!

Trudging said...

M has my prayers!

Christine said...

I remember well coming to a new area and how different the formats can be---good for you for being uncomfortable and that it went well