Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 things you never cared to know about Nael

I got this one from girl and I have to list 10 things about myself. I had a lot of trouble coming up with 10 things I haven't talked about already in this blog. I've been pretty open and I just don't have that much going on in my life that is interesting. Here's my best effort.

1) I'm a P. K. That means pastor's kid. My Dad is a retired Lutheran minister.

2) I haven't lived at home full time since I was 14. I went to boarding school and I would come back to visit over summer and vacation, but I never lived at home during the school year.

3) I screw up plane tickets terribly. I can purchase them correctly, but I can't read them. In the first big screw up, I showed up for departure when the plane was landing at it's destination. The second big screw up I showed up at the wrong airport. I now have someone review my ticket with me after I purchase it so I know where to show up and when.

4) I was told I would not be able to conceive without the aid of medication when I was 17. They were wrong.

5) This one I think everyone probably knows. Nael is not my real name.

6) I have freakishly skinny ankles...and very broad I sort of look like a triangle upside down. I probably shouldn't wear capri's, but I do.

7) I was engaged to another man about 7-8 years ago. It fell through because we both got strung out on drugs.

8) I have never lived outside of Michigan, but I have lived in about 6 cities in Michigan. I always thought I would leave Michigan after college and live in a big city like Chicago or New York.

9) I love to mow lawns. We did it all the time as kids for extra money and I find it very soothing. I mow our lawn all the time, but I have not told my husband I enjoy it and I never will.

10) I look more attractive with a baseball cap than without. I have a big head and big hair and the cap sort of makes the hair smaller.

Well, I hope that entertained and informed. Now to pass this little gem on. How about Tab and Christine?


Christine said...

ok, I'll try it in a bit

No, I didn't guess it wan't your real name---sometimes I'm just so dense

lushgurl said...

What? Nael's NOT your real name? OK, I'll confess...Lushgurl's not MY real name either!!! I have 'big hair' naturally, thank God, I hope it balances out the rest of me- cause I have a small head LOL ! Cool list- you rock- what's-yer-name !!

Toni said...

Wow! I learned some new things! I also love to cut the grass! But Hubs knows- it's all right- I actually see it as 'me' time. Sad, eh?

vicariousrising said...

That was an excellent read. Now, when are you coming to mow my lawn? Actually, I don't have a lawn to mow at the moment, so I'll take a rain check.

I'm trying to picture a triangle with a baseball cap with capri's mowing a lawn and I just... oh, Nael, you're just precious, you know that? Thank you for the big ole grin you've given me. I needed it.

Love ya, chica!

Girl said...

I'ma PK too, scawwwwy!

Tab said...

hmmm...well..good to know ...
and I guesss our real names wouldn't matter unless were our travel
Good thing you are not a travel agent!lol
How would one beef up their ankles I wonder >? lol
okay..I will mull this over in my brain and maybe get to it over the weekend..I haven't much time to write up ten things today..ten things hm....thinking already lol
fun post thanks Nael.

A.J.Reams said...

I'm so jealous...i wish I looked good in a baseball hat.

Lisa said...

It was fun to find out more about ya. (I like to mow the lawn too. Shhhh!)

Omara said...

I like to drive (sssh) - so what is Nael then?