Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A beautiful summer night

I just spent a few minutes on the patio with hubby enjoying a summer night. The moon is full and the air is thick and it felt magical. He must have felt the same way because he looked at me and asked, "Do you have any idea how lucky we are?" He listed his gratitudes and I agreed with every one.
The attitude of gratitude was prompted by more than just the summer air. Hubby had just returned from a job site where I had also been helping move appliances. The site is a condo that is being sold to a young couple. The previous owner/landlord is replacing floors and painting as part of the rent to own agreement. My husband sold the floors and the installation is half done. The owner is already finding every possible thing to complain about. There are smudges on the wall here and a hairline fracture in the molding behind the door and he was quite certain that scratch wasn't here before the installation started. The young couple doesn't seem particularly concerned with any of these things, but that doesn't relax the owner's attitude at all. He even tried to micromanage the relocation and hook-up of the appliances, something my husband and the young man are experienced in and the owner has probably never really done.
Finally, we made it out of there and home to the patio to relax. Hubby could have been miserable and I would have forgiven him after dealing with that wretched little jerk for 2 hours, but instead he was grateful. After he shared his gratitudes, he told me it didn't matter how much money the owner of that condo had. He was obviously a miserable man and Hubby was glad he didn't have that life. I completely agree.


Tab said...

what a great post!
thanks for sharing:)

vicariousrising said...

Ditto what Tab said. I am so glad I have learned to let go of the petty stuff. I wouldn't want to be that owner, getting my panties in a twist over menial crap. Life really is too short.

~ Glo ~ said...

So nice to have a reminder about the power of gratitude. Sometimes I list my gratitudes with a blah, blah attitude... and a Yeah, but... That's when I'm not working it.

When I am, I realize there is nothing more important than gratitude and acceptance. Thanks for sharing. I too have so much to be grateful for... three terrific grown sons, a long-term partner, a comfortable home, a great job, and time for leisure (to do things like read your blog)


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