Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Navy Pier

Here are my favorite pictures from Navy Pier in Chicago. I really love visiting Chicago. I know many girls dreamed about growing up, getting married, and raising a family. I always dreamed about growing up, getting a great job, and living in a fashionable condo in a big city. In this dream, I was also tall, thin, brunette, wore Ann Taylor clothes, and discussed art with my very fashionable friends. The reality is that I am married with kid in a ranch house in a not so fashionable suburb and I wear frumpy hand-me downs so I can pay my mortgage. I am very, very happy with my life and I probably would not have been happy with a big city life. God did smile on me and gave me a sister-in-law with a fashionable city life so can visit her and play 'let's pretend I am a yuppie who lives in the city'. On this trip I spend an afternoon at Navy Pier, spoiled Manther with visit to the Rain Forest Cafe, walked the Magnificent Mile at night to enjoy the city lights, and played in a sweet, little toddler park behind the water tower. It was wonderful and relaxing and I am already planning a return trip.


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