Monday, March 19, 2007

Dutch Boy

Manther is almost 23 months old and got her first big girl haircut yesterday. I have been propping her up on the bathroom sink and nipping at her bangs (and attempted a some tapering on the sides once), but it was definitely time she had the real thing. She sat on my lap as the stylist studied the situation. I explained that she is a tomboy and I can barely run a comb through her hair once or twice a day. Hairdryers and hair accessories are out of the question. The stylist replied, "Well, I'll clean up the bangs and try to taper in the sides so she doesn't look exactly like the little Dutch Boy." Apparently, this is hairstylist code for 'your daughter will leave here looking like the little Dutch Boy'. I can't be too upset, what choice do you have with fine, light brown hair that has no wave or body to speak of? I'll just have to force her to wear a lot of pink and hope she'll tolerate some pigtails by summertime.

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