Sunday, March 18, 2007

The most loved Elmos

I am surrounded by supermoms. My boss is a supermom of 4, clinician, researcher, and surgeon. My sister is also a supermom of 4 who runs a beautiful home on a tight budget and does whatever else is required, including running her own small business, to keep the family afloat. Sometimes I compare myself (a dangerous game and I know it) and I fall short. My house isn't as nice or as clean, and my child, well, uh, sometimes the discipline lacks. She probably only sleeps about 10 hrs a week in her own crib. She only wears Elmo and occasionally Cookie monster. This includes her church clothes. She frequently removes her shoes no matter how inappropriate in might be in the given situation. She demands candy a dozen times a day (that one might be her father's fault). It takes 30 minutes to drop her off and pick her up at daycare. I look at these things and think, "I am a crappy mother and I have lost control.' But, yesterday I noticed how Manther takes care of her Elmos. They are fed and they go for rides and they spend lots of time sitting together talking. Well, I couldn't be all bad if I taught her how to care for Elmo so well. I might not be the strongest disciplinarian, but I think I have a shot at raising an okay human being.


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Roz said...

...ahhh the photos are really cute!

Don't you ever make the mistake of comparing yourself to are your own unique person, and your daugther will be her own person too, she'll have influences from you and that's about it. When we compare, will always seem to fall short of other people. For all you know there will be others looking at you and wishing they could have the same relaxed parenting skills as you...believe!