Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Car repairs and house repairs are my aphrodisiac

After a 3 days of cold shoulders, abrupt words, and nasty blog posts, my husband must have realized he was going to have to make amends for being a pig. I found a huge crack in the hose that squirts windshield wiper fluid in my car this weekend. On the advice of my father, the back yard mechanic and general fix-it guy, I went to the auto parts store to buy hose and two linkers. My husband saw me bring the bag in the house and went outside after dinner to fix it with no prompting. As I watched him from the window, I was thinking he looked more attractive than usual. I had the same feeling when he was patching the roof this weekend. Yes, it is definitely 'hot' when he fixes stuff. Some girls respond to flowers and jewelry and I like these types of presents, too. But, if you really want to stir something up, get the caulk gun out and get rid of the black stuff around the tub.

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