Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grateful for the Newcomer

I was able to attend my meeting last night and it was very powerful. There was an emotional newcomer at the meeting and her presence absolutely focused the meeting the right direction. When I was the newcomer, I heard people say. "The newcomer is the most important person at the meeting," and I thought it was a little mantra they used to remind themselves to be nice to the new folks. I see this in a totally different light today. I have sat at many tables where I or other recovering alcoholics who have been sober a little while are focused on the struggles of living life on life's terms. We are unable to find peace and serenity because we are so focused on what we see as VERY BIG problems. The presence of a newcomer who has come to the tables desperately seeking help reminds us how hopeless life used to be and how fantastic the promises of AA really are. Everything is put into perspective and the mountains transform into the molehills they really are. I am grateful for the sobriety and perspective God has given me today.



lushgurl said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my place... my mountains are feeling more like molehills now!

Gwen said...

Gratitude baby, gratitude