Thursday, March 15, 2007

I smell like a man...for the second day in a row

I am wearing my husband's deoderant and I smell like a man. I had to do a similar thing yesterday. Yesterday I had enough 'Dove' for one armpit, so the aftershave odor was cut with a bit of babypowder. Today it's all aftershave. I made it out of the house last night and went to the store, but I was distraced with gum drops for hubby and Elmo t-shirts for Manther and the deoderant got left behind. I noticed it took hubby a long time to make it into the bedroom last night. He claims there was a late basketball game on the tube, but maybe this stuff is like a sex repellent. I think I'll throw some perfume with it before I hit the sheets tonight and see if that has a neutralizing effect.

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Gwen said...

Ahhh~ the situations we get ourselves into. High end problems today, right?

Have a great weekend~