Friday, June 1, 2007

10 reasons I love flip flops

1) Everyone can own a dozen pair because they only cost $1

2) They come in an endless variety of colors

3) If they get dirty, you can just hose them off

4) They dry in minutes even if they're soaking wet

5) It's easy to get a good fit

6) Easy off and on

7) They make a rythmic, slapping sound when you walk in them.

8) You can wear them with shorts, jeans, capris, or dresses

9) It's acceptable to trip when you're wearing them

10) They automatically exclude you from events that require running



Tab said... and true. I am going have to get me some of those things for the Summer :) Thanks for the tips!

Trudging said...

I love flip flops too. I wear mine as slippers in the winter.

Toni said...

I wear mine year round! LOVE my flip flops!

vicariousrising said...

OK, I can't seem to find the $1 pairs of flip flops. I think the cheapest ones I own were $15. I'm a flip flop snob! Another thing to list on my character defect list.

I think I'll just fake that part and post this list on the fridge so my husband will forgive my collection. Think it will work?

lushgurl said...

LOL, I love your list, but alas, I am a flip flop Flop...the little thingy between the toes drives me crazy!!!
Love ya S...

A.J.Reams said...

I can't have anything go between my toes so that doesn't make me a candidate for flip flops. I'm very sad about this because I think they are so darn cute.

No toe thongs for me! :-(

Christine said...

time for me to check them out, I don't own any