Tuesday, June 12, 2007


As I have mentioned a few times, I am trying to have a garage sale. It is taking every spare moment and even moments I don't have to spare. Today I came home from work, kissed Manther, unloaded the work bag, started chili, and rushed out to the garage to clean, price and stack. I got two feet into the garage and I heard rustling and chirping in the rafters. I froze for a second and then ran out of there and half way down the driveway. I am terrified of birds in enclosed places. The little buggers are always weaving in and out of the rafters when I grocery shop at Meijer's and it is all I can do to force myself through the produce section. The rafters in Meijer's are much higher than the rafters in my garage and I was terrified. I tended chili and soaked in the baby pool with Manther for a few minutes. I laughed at myself and my irrational behavior. It's a silly fear and there is no reason I couldn't go in there an chase that bird out. I made it three steps into the garage before terror drove me out the second time. I tried to flush the bird out from the outside. I opened and shut the garage door and I hosed down the side of the garage to make noise. It scared the bird, but instead of leaving he started recruiting other birds. He chirped and chirped and birds started swooping into the yard and perching on the fence to chirp back at him. One duck stood outside the garage and I had to run right at him to get him to leave the yard. At this point, I lost the ability to minimize my fear and I shut the garage and went inside the house to hide. I waited for Hubby to come home. When he arrived, I told him my plight and he boldly went into the garage and waved a broom around. Manther stood there with him and danced and laughed. I was scared she was going to get hurt and started to go and drag her back into the house. Then I realized Manther was safe in the garage and I was being a freak... again. The bird was chased out and Hubby and Manther clapped and laughed. I nearly cried. I can take on a lot of bugs and even an occasional rodent, but birds and bats bring me to my knees quickly.


Trudging said...

For me its mice and rats, YUCK!

Momish said...

Birds can be kinda creepy at times, I agree. I have strange phobias too so I totally understand. At least Manther had a good time helping you out of that jam!

Good luck with the garage sale!

lushgurl said...

OMG...I am so sorry, but this story had me ROFLAO... I think it's a nervous kinda laugh though- I have so many phobias, I had to write a post about it once! The whole thing is, that they are 'phobias' for a reason- they make no sense! But there you have it! I'm glad Hubby and Manther were there to rescue you!
Love and HUGS

Tab said...

You are not alone my friend.
I used to be afraid of Hummingbirds once upon a time.
Now if Scout was here..you would hear her cackling over that one (until I pushed her off of her chair).But it's true.Yep..it seems freaky to be afraid of , I understand.I still don't like those little flying darts but I no longer run indoors.Nope.Instead I put on a metal helmet and googles.Okay..lol..maybe not but I do not run away from them anymore.
Maybe that is all part of my journey to letting go.lol..I can let go of my fear of hummingbirds and if that's you I hear laughing Sarah I will push you off of your chair too! lol
I hope you will leave the birds alone to plot their next attack on you and enjoy the day with Manther before dusk comes and the attack is on ..lol..sorry..I know it isn't funny to you.Our imaginations can be such a bitch sometimes can't they!
I think what gets me more than birds are those pesty solicitors that come to our door..damn straight I will chase them away with a broom! LOL >> can you imagine?!okay..I am in a goofy mood...I need a good nights sleep.

Gwen said...

I get it. Anything that is moving around in close proximity to me and I don't know what it is going to do could freak me out.

Have a great weekend!

A.J.Reams said...

Wow, that was quite an ordeal! I'm glad the bird is gone and you can get back to garage sale stuff!

Omara said...

My sister was attacked by a bird who flew into our bedroom when we were children... so birds are scary!