Sunday, June 3, 2007

Celebrities that I would marry

I mentioned something about marrying a celebrity in the case of my husband's untimely death in my last post. And, someone was kind enough to inquire about my list of future celebrity husbands. I must forewarn you that I like the ruggedly handsome, superhero, over the top macho men. Get ready to roll your eyes.

1) Russell Crowe - Australian men have got something special
2) Harrison Ford - I know he's getting old, but his machismo is still there
3) Mel Gibson - He's got a drinking problem, but he's Australian

Those are the top three. There are others I might date: Bruce Willis - macho and attractive but a little too obnoxious to marry. Keanu Reeves - very cute but might be annoying stupid. Anthony Kiedis - so very, very hot but he has been living the lifestyle since he was young and I think he's damaged (the poor dear). If you're thinking that there are no recent celebrities on the list, you would be right. I have been living with very little TV or celebrity news since Manther was born, so I might have missed some serious hotties that recently entered the scene.


Toni said...

I am with you on Harrison Ford- but that's it! This would be a great idea for a meme- can I steal it? I mean borrow? With link back of course!

lushgurl said...

Oh I love Bruce...but I wouldn't turn down George (Clooney) or Matthew (McConnahey sp?)...ahhh to dream!

Calabar Gal said...

You mean you dont fancy George Clooney? I think he''s absolutely DIVINE!!

Nettie said...

Keanu isn't stupid...

He's more smarter than the rest of that lot put together.

Christine said...

even if it were a celebrity---three strikes I'm out of that ballgame now---no more marrying for me

But how about that rocker Bruce Springsteen? Yum.... Oops

vicariousrising said...

Russell Crowe is at the top of my list too, girlfriend. I even have his autograph signed "with love" to me (although I didn't get to see him - my inlaws got it for me when they met him at the premiere of Cinderella Man). My obsession with him was bad bad bad a few years back.

Thanks for sharing :)